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HURRY UP AND GET YOURSELF ENROLLED NOW ( For Online & Offline Music Classes)

OFFLINE CLASSES ( Vocal Harmoniam)

₹ 2500/MONTH

₹ 1500/ Month
3 Classes Per Week
60 Minutes Group Session

ONLINE CLASSES ( Paino & Guitar)

₹ 5000/MONTH

₹ 2500/ Month
2 Classes Per Week
40 Minutes Individual Session

HOME TUTIONS ( Paino & Guitar)

₹ 5000/MONTH

₹ 3500/ Month
8 Classes Per Month
40 Minutes Individual Session

*Admission Fees Rs. 500

Frequent Asked Questions ( FAQ's)

We suggest it to be minimum 5years. There is no upper limit for the same. You can start at any age.

Classes are normaly taken in groups in offline mode. You can also take individual classes at an extra cost in which we will concentrate on your particular goals only.

Yes we do have weekend only batch in which time will be Saturday 8pm and Sunday 6pm

Minimum recommended is 3 months. Longer it goes, better you gets..

We usually get emails, calls etc. from tv channels about singing auditions. Deserving studen bts are prepared specially for auditions.

We currently dont have any other branch than chandigarh.