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We strive to provide best music classes in Chandigarh offering vocal harmonium, piano and guitar classes


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VOCAL Harmonium

We’ve been teaching vocals for hindi/punjabi songs for more than 5+ years in the tricity. Chandigarh Music Academy is the best place to be at if you want to improve your vocals for hindi/punjabi songs.


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Qawaali is a form of music which has existed for more than 600+ years and is still loved by millions. We are doing our bit to keep Qawaali /Ghazal alive in today’s modern generation and passing it on to our students by teaching them how to sing them with all their heart.


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The semi-classical form of music is actually a “style”, whereas Classical Music is a profound subject. Both of these two genres have defined Indian music and we feel proud in teaching our students how to sing and achieve perfection in classical and semi – classical music.

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