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Guitar Classes in Chandigarh

Online guitar classes in chandigarh

However, it is concerned with more than just the technical abilities. In addition, music theory is another component of our online classes, which will help you master the inner structure of your favorite songs. You’ll discover how to distinguish between various chords and scales and how to compose your pieces based on these elements. But there is also the fact that by interacting with your teacher immediately, you’ll get the correct feedback and guidance to keep you on the straight path. Whether you want to play your favorite Qawaali /Ghazal songs, write your tunes, or jam with friends, our online guitar classes in chandigarh will equip you with the necessary skills and self-assurance.

Guitar Classes in chandigarh online \ Offline

Are you a newbie guitar player who wants to move to the next step-up? Could you be the kind of person who has tried to learn to play the guitar many times but ended up feeling disappointed and eventually gave up? Have you been looking for a way to learn the guitar? Our online live guitar classes are the perfect solution! As newcomers with proficient coaches to monitor your progress, you’ll feel like a pro in no time.

In our classes, you’ll begin with the basics, including the correct way to hold the guitar, starting with easy chords and strumming. Your tutor will give you a tutorial that will teach you the complex techniques in easy-to-do steps so you can progress yourself. Furthermore, you will grasp the concepts of reading tablature and sheet music, and hence, the door will open to even more music opportunities. With time and confidence, you will learn more intricate techniques such as melody, finger-picking, and improvisation. This instructor will provide you with individualized support to enable you to develop a personal style and sound.


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