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Harmonium Classes in Chandigarh

Yet, it is not only the technical part you will acquire – our virtual classes also cover the cultural and spiritual meaning that harmonium represents in people’s lives. You’ll uncover the science behind the early development of the instrument, its role in sacred music, and how to perform it passionately. Our instructors will reveal some of the secrets of classical Harmonium play, regional differences in the techniques used, and how the Harmonium offers a space for meditation. Besides the fact that you will master becoming a skilled Harmonium player, you will quit our classes with a deep appreciation for the instrument’s deep cultural legacy. Join us now, and let the Harmonium’s soul-capturing melody guide your music life!

Harmonium Classes in chandigarh online \ Offline

If you want to enjoy the mellow tunes of the Harmonium in your house, join our online live classes. Whether you’re a newbie to the instrument or have some experience with it, our gifted Hindi/Punjabi musicians will walk you through the process from scratch to being able to play this fascinating instrument like an expert. No more hassling with your separate space – you can discover Harmonium music from the comfort of your room with just a harmonium and an internet connection.

In our online sessions, you’ll start by learning the basic structure of vocals and the functioning of the Harmonium. The instructor will show you how to work the bellows, finger the keys, and generate the desired tone. You’ll learn to run scales and exercises that are relatively simple to develop a firm technical basis. You will start by learning devotional hymns, classic ragas, and other beautiful melodies. We’ll show you the basic maintenance skills using drones, the art of keeping tempo, and musical decoration that will enrich your Harmonium playing. The Harmonium lesson series will take you through the essential skills to comfortably play the instrument and creatively express yourself at the end of the course.

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